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Alex McDonnell is an experienced, google certified teacher who has taught language arts, Latin, social studies and history. After two decades teaching middle school, Alex moved to teaching elementary school for two years. This year, Alex has shifted to teaching high school. He's discovered through these changes that, "Teaching is teaching," What teaching different grade levels has in common far outweighs what it different about them.

Alex is a somewhat recent convert to the edtech world. He piloted 1-1 Chromebooks with 7th graders in 2011-12 and then piloted 1-1 iPads with 5th graders in 2012-13. He also served for several years as a vice principal while working in middle school. Currently, Alex is a technology integration specialist for middle and high school at an independent school near Philadelphia.

Alex served for many years on the board of the Philadelphia Multi-Cultural Resource Center and currently serves on the executive board of a brand new school for gifted children. Once in awhile, some of posts in this blog will reflect his interest in diversity work.

Alex is excited by the possibilities technology affords educators. "My hope for this blog is to inspire teachers to embrace technology 2.0 and while also giving practical advice on how to use tech in the classroom."

Alex is married to Dawn and has five children.

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