Saturday, April 2, 2016

Google Certification Level 2

Around the New Year, I took Google's Level One certification test. Here's what I wrote about it at the time. Today I took and passed the Level Two Test.

The basic details:

  • It costs $25.
  • One has a week to take it from the time of registration.
  • Once the test is started, the taker has 3 hours to finish the test- no pauses or breaks.
  • The test-taker needs to have a camera on his/her computer so Google can monitor the test-taker.

The test has two segments. The first part is a 25 question test. The questions come in a variety of forms. Some questions have two correct answers, other questions ask the test taker to put a series of tasks in order. Other questions are essentially matching questions. I found this section to be difficult. There were a couple of questions (I signed an agreement not to share content so I can't give details) on which I simply guessed.

The second part asks the test-taker to use the full Google suite of tools. One has to be able to use Sites, Gmail, some Extensions and Add-ons, Drive, Scholar, Docs, and all other things Google. The questions were fair, but I found the test challenging enough as it took me 2:54 to take the test. And the end, I was "fried" enough that I didn't even take advantage to the chance to review my answers. I simply clicked, "submit".

Within minutes, Google will tell you if you pass or fail. I've heard that one needs to get 80% correct to pass. I don't know if that's true. And one does not get to see which questions one gets right and wrong.  I probably found out in a minute that I passed.

It is definitely harder than the Level One test, but it is not significantly harder.

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