Monday, September 26, 2016

More on Google Classroom "Glitches"

Once a teacher attaches  a document in Classroom, the teacher loses the ability to go back in and change the sharing settings to "make a copy" for each student. Several of the teachers at my school have told me that they are losing the option "make a copy". I likely gave them a puzzled look as I have not seen it myself. I'm pretty certain that this is what has happened to them. If folks forget to "make a copy" when first attaching the a document, they will have to start the whole assignment over again.

This is cumbersome when trying to share multiple documents. One has to attach everything before sharing anything with the students. The video above says that this is intentional on Google's part. I can't see the benefit.

I'm still really liking the tool. But I'm starting to find interesting glitches.

update: you don't have to start from scratch. Thanks +Kyle Beatty for showing me "reuse" post. This will still allow you to make a copy, even if you didn't have it as a copy in its previous iteration.

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