Monday, July 20, 2015


Sometimes the best tools are the simplest ones. Talkboard is one such tool. Check it out!
So, this is an IOS device only. It isn't going to work on a windows or android tablet, laptop, or desktop. It WILL, however, work with your iPad.

Talkboard is free, extremely easy to use. Essentially, Talkboard lets one create a collaborative whiteboard.
How could I use it in my classroom?
-Let's say in history class we were looking at a map. I could copy a map and draw a trade route. Anyone with an iPad could draw on top of that picture adding questions, notes, details, etc.

- Or, while I'm not an art teacher, it could be cool to have students simultaneously creating on the same "canvas" while on different screens either in the same room at the same time or at different locations.

In a Lit. class, kids could document and diagram characters in a book they are reading.

On "Pope Day", many teachers might be figuring out how to share information with kids in real time. Keeping this app open along with a backchannel tool (padlet, drive, todaysmeet) would let you post a math problem, map, picture that kids could actually see, talk about, solve in real time all while being able to ask questions and talk. There is an audio feature in Talkboard. So, while looking at the same screen from separate locations- students can talk to each other and to their teacher.

Did I say it's easy to use?

Thanks to Dan Crowley for sharing this app with me.

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