Tuesday, February 16, 2016

iMovie Tuturorial- Tech Tuesdays

I've started Tech (Mex) Tuesdays here at school. I bring snacks and prepare lessons on tech use for teachers who want some free professional development. I've hardly had overflow crowds. The few who do come, however, get plenty of individualized attention. The past two weeks I have given tutorials on iMovie and its use.

When making tech presentations to my faculty, I try to add something else- a freebie lesson. So, this week, I made an emaze.com presenation showing some of the uses of iMovie.

Here's my announcement to our faculty... by popular demand I offered iMovie twice.

Tuesday, January 26
Maximizing Gmail and Calendar-
-getting gmail organized (for those who grudgingly shifted from Outlook, we can make your gmail look like Outlook)
-how to get the most out of google calendar
- Google Tasks  
Will use library's chromebooks.

Tuesday, Feb 2
Blogging- Wordpress, Googlesites and Blogger.  Use a blog to archive student work, to have them publish for an audience beyond the teacher, use your blog to have discussion continue beyond the classroom.
Will use library chromebooks or iPads.

Feb 9
- how to use it and its use in the classroom.
- Will make your own.
- Using iMovie to produce rich slideshows for asynchronous viewing.
iPad only.  

Feb 16
Google Classroom - for Upper School Only
-Use Google’s powerful classroom management tool.
- Easy to  iPad or chromebook

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