Sunday, February 12, 2017

EdPuzzle and Google Classroom

Whether your class is flipped or not, EdPuzzle should be on your shortlist of essential tools. Why is EdPuzzle essential and so useful?

For starters, take any video from YouTube or Khan Academy (and other sites). Make any video interactive, by embedding questions right in the video.

This allows for:

  • self-paced lessons. It lets students move through content they already understand to focus on what challenges them. Students are also able to stop and review content they missed the first time the teacher taught it. 
  • students to ask questions that they too embarrassed to ask in class
  • teachers to easily add images, interactive graphs, websites and comments to a video lesson
  • students to respond to teacher posed questions
  • full integration with Google Classroom.
Take it another step. Tape yourself either during class delivering the content or in advance of class. Now your lesson is archivable and interactive in ways it never was before.

Last week, at a terrific math conference hosted by the local intermediate unit, called Google and the Student Centered Secondary Math Classroom. EdPuzzle was highlighted an essential tool for the presenters. I'll give the conference a separate post soon.

By the way, I rarely go to as I usually use the chrome extension to do my edpuzzling. It gives me all the utility I need and saves me some clicks.

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