Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Will Richardson

+Will Richardson , a leader in ed 2.0 argues in a recent article that we should stop innovating in schools. Huh? I've been an avid follower of Richardson's since being in an early Powerful Learning Practices Cohort way back in 2009. I read his blogs and wiki book way back when I still used books to figure out how to leverage the Internet. So what's behind his clickbait plea? Has he abandoned the cause? Say it ain't so, Will.

No, he hasn't. But he points out something very basic. Innovation isn't about the LMS a school adopts. Nor is it in the iPads, Chromebooks, or whiteboards. Richardson posits that, "Innovation in schools of any type needs to start with the idea that the goal is not to force kids to abandon their passions and interests for our curriculum when they come to school, which is what we currently do."

It's a provocative read. Check it out. 

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