Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Optimizing Chances for Success

Differing views exist in the ed-tech/ ed. leadership world on how to foster "buy-in" in teachers. Some suggest a better approach is a bottom-up approach, letting change percolate from within.  Others suggest a top-down style.

I confess to not knowing a best way. Surely my school has adopted the percolate model. If I take a loooonnnngggg range view, I can affirm that there clearly has been growth. However, there is no upward curve. One would suppose that a "tipping point" would occur and then everyone would adopt tech. If anything, the opposite has happened. There are small flurries of success but the larger community doesn't change. 

Surely the LA iPad fiasco points to the perils of a top=down model gone awry. But the drip, drip, drip approach of teacher-led revolution seems unlikely as well. 

Next year, my school's leadership will push technology in a more aggressive way. I've been told that each teacher will be required to meet with me at least monthly. I think I like this.  Though I can point to real successes in my first year as Ed Tech Coordinator, I felt underutilized. I'm interested to see what next year's changes bring.  Will they change the curve?

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