Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Writing in Math Class

Great teaching isn't always tech dependent. Good thoughtful teaching asks kids to reflect on their learning. Master teacher, Ryan Tozer presented today to our faculty on having his students write in math class. He has discovered that it allows kids to deepen understanding. It also gives him, the teacher, a window into kids thinking for their teachers,

Ryan also reminded us about the power and importance of anticipatory sets and the role of writing in them.

He shared a lesson that included Rene Descartes and his invention of the coordinate grid system. The students write for reflection and understanding before and after the "math" part of the lesson.

Ryan also shared with us the four step plan via the four square plan. 

  1. Read
  2. think
  3. Solve 
  4. Justify

An aside. Ryan introduced us to the book, Math Curse... The horror for the kids is that they see math everywhere! Sounds subversively brilliant.

I also learned from Ryan that only Myanmar and Liberia join the USA in refraining from using the metric system. Who knew?

Though I said that great teaching isn't always tech dependent, I'm going to get Ryan to use class blogs to further their writing. He's already on board. Exciting things are ahead. 

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