Tuesday, December 1, 2015

At Google Training Today

Google. Mixed Feelings.

Google seems awesome in so many ways.
Corporate offices have nap pods
Free food- seared bluefish and sushi
can't have a seat more than 150 ft. from food.
razor scooters
Child Care
Point is that culture is important.

Also, all the stuff they provide to schools are free. It gives away for free unlimited storage! Google makes no profit off of Chromebooks.

What's in it for Google?

Future Customers! Of course. What's in it for Google? Brand loyalty. Coke is the most powerful brand in the world. Google is the 2nd. Google is already a verb. 97% of its revenue comes from web advertizing. So doing the right thing for google will gain it future customers and money... lots and lots of money. Google has over 65 million is cash reserves. Staggering wealth.

I don't like being a pawn in this game... but no real way to escape it and the pull is so seductive and alluring.

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