Monday, December 14, 2015

Yes, Yes, Yes!!

Jordan Shapiro writes for Forbes. I read carefully all blog posts and follow his twitter feed. He totally gets it that one can fully embed technology into one's class but change nothing at all. It's cliche but true, "It's not about the tools." In this post, Shapiro points out that most best- selling apps are simply recall tests with flashy graphics and animations. He writes,

Digital tablets let educators and developers pat themselves on the back for embracing “new innovative technologies” without actually having to turn toward anything too unfamiliar.

If our model remains teacher-centric, then there will be no tech-led revolution in education. If we fail to leverage the interactivity that tech affords us, if we fail to grasp the essential fact that all the world's information is only a few clicks away, if we use tech and tablets to only replace pencil and paper, we will have failed altogether.
How differently do we use tablets than did the Sumerians?
According to Shapiro, we won't if we are not intentional about change. 

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