Monday, December 21, 2015

Twitter in the Academy- One Professor's Shift- Fascinating

I'm trying a twitter feed for my class. I ask students to review my teaching and my class. In one review, a student called my use of twitter, "useless" and wondered why we were trying it. Before giving up, I want to think about it some more. In my research, I came across this link out of Stanford's ed. program. While this doesn't help me with my more immediate problem, it is a fascinating glimpse into the beginnings of change within academia. I'm a history teacher by training. I taught history for two decades. Though I taught history with a progressive pedagogy, only in recent years has my interest shifted to technology.

I've felt for a while that colleges will have to shift before high schools will. "Colleges expect it," often trumps any suggestion I make for change. It is starting to seem that college is starting not to expect it. Maybe? Hopefully?

Without a doubt, the view this professor proposes is still a minority view. But his Stanford credentials are weighty.

Take a look.

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