Monday, November 9, 2015

Say No to PowerPoint !

Too harsh? Okay, okay, I'll concede that a PowerPoint once in awhile does no great harm. Yet, there are so many ways to make more engaging presentations using free, cloud-based tools. Access to the Microsoft office suite is no longer a given with students today.

Over the next few blogposts, I'm going to highlight cloud-based presentation tools. Today, I share with you Check out the one I made below for my history class. It is visually impressive, super easy to make, cloud-based and FREE! You can easily embed it in a blog and/or share a link to via email. I can see this being a powerful tool for teachers of younger students who have to give frequent classroom updates. While content ultimately is what matters, a Wow Factor, always creates a good first impression.

For teachers of older students, this tool and the tools like it I will blog about it the upcoming days should replace the NOT FREE and more mundane PowerPoint.
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