Friday, November 13, 2015 as portfolio builder

    An ongoing task of mine is to implement  portfolios into the 7th grade at my school. I've recently discovered


    1. Visually crisp and pleasing
    2. Easy to navigate
    3. Even easier to use.
    4. Free
    1. Doesn't work well with Google (this is a minus for me as I work at a GAFE school.)
    2. Thus, it doesn't let one insert, as does google sites, all sorts of things from google drive.
    1. When the year ends - and the students want to move their portfolio content out of bulb - how do they do this?
    2. Can people download my content that I place on bulbapp?
If any of my couple dozen regular readers know, give me a response. Also, let me know if you have used bulbapp.


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