Monday, November 16, 2015

Thinking Big, using Skype and Getting Out of the Way

Sometimes when you put kids in charge of their learning and get out of the way, amazing things can happen. Recently. my colleague Gary Nicolai who teaches an International Relations class is studying the growing conflict in the South China Sea, which Gary feels will become the site of the most international tension in the near future and extended future.

One of Gary's students talked to his mother about the project. The Pacific Command, based in Honolulu, is headed by Admiral Harry Harris, four-star admiral. It so happens that this student's uncle is a very close friend of Admiral Harris. The student emailed Admiral Harris who responded immediately and offered information via links and documents and then offered a Skype session with the students.

Learning can't get any richer. Gary didn't have to do a thing except get them started. No, we all won't have links to Admiral Harris. But Gary's student didn't even know he had a link to Admiral Harris. Nor would he have known if Gary didn't let the kids lead.

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