Friday, October 14, 2016

Blended Learning.

"Blended Learning" is one of those catch-phrases that ed. techies like me throw around. (BTW, ever wonder why we have buzz-words but have catch-phrases? Why not buzz-phrases and catch-words?) What do we actually mean when we say blended learning? 

It means that we blend online and face to face learning experiences for students. It's a broad umbrella.

A flipped classroom is one of several types of blended learning, but the terms are not synonymous.
I blend. To me, it is important for students have some control (agency) over time, place, path and pace of their learning. As often as possible, I give my students a range of choices in assignment and in readings. I also blend by making sure that students publish for an audience bigger than just me, their teacher.

Some helpful resources.

Tips for a long-time humanities teacher:

Getting started with Blended learning:

For a longer, thoughtful read check out this article in the Atlantic.

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