Saturday, October 15, 2016

Google Classroom and Chrome Extensions

In the summer, I wrote about some of my favorite Chrome Extensions. I have three more to share. Chrome Extensions increase the functionality and ease of use in the Chrome Browser. Some extensions allow for shortcuts that are so quick and cool. Others add levels of functionality that will surprise you. Fellow teachers and tech users, these extensions are for your full Chrome browser.

My new favorites include:
1) Share to Classroom. If you use Google Classroom, get this one. With just a click you can send any link right into Google Classroom. +#FCS Upper School Faculty

2) Google Tone. +Dan Crowley showed me this yesterday. You no longer have to email a url you like in order to share it quickly. Google Tone uses your computer's speakers to exchange URLs with nearby computers. You can send the URL to any webpage, YouTube video, even search results.

3) Google Docs Quick Create. Quickly create new google docs, spreadsheets, forms and presentations right out of your browser. It'll save you more than a few clicks.

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