SAMR and Potential Problems with Redefinition.

I've written more than a little bit about SAMR. It is a great model. I see a potential problem with it, if we aren't careful. Redefinition is the 4th and highest level in the SAMR model. However, one could redefine a task with technology and do something really cool and relatively meaningless when it comes to learning. Recently, inspired by a blog post by Jennifer Gonzalez, I wrote about Grecian Urns. Some of these "urns" may be redefinitions of tasks already low on the DOK scale. Just because you couldn't do it before doesn't automatically make a new, redefined assignment a good one. I get excited by tech tools. Sometimes it is worth remembering that new and shiny isn't any better.

Don't take this to think that I am in any way dismissing the transformative potential of edtech. Just be careful when extolling the potential of new tools.

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